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Tejfire Safety India Pvt. Ltd. is a brand of Quality

Establishemnt in the year 2006,at pune(Maharashtra,India).We are an ISO(9001:2008),certified company. Our product are applicable in Industrial,Residential and commercial segments across India Subcontinent.We are provided at high quality collection of Fire Fighting Trunckey Projects.Fire safety is a set of practice intended to reduce the destruction caused uncontrolled fire,and those that are used to limit the development and effects a fire after it starts. Fire Safety measures includes thode that are planned during the consruction of a biliding or implemented in structure that are already standing,and those that are taught to occupants of the building.Read More

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We Gave a Best Quality Service & Products

While reaching to the lots of the popularity, Tejfire Safety has gone through many hurdles & pass through it by implementing the basic principles of market i.e., Quality- Rate- Service (QRS) & with the help of this trio, Tejfire Safety has established the stability & sustainability in the market. While reaching up to this phase, But with the optimistic view,Tejfire Safety analysed & overcome all these situations & that is the plus point of Tejfire peoples.
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